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Online Access through the Patient Portal

If you are an existing patient, we have a free service available called the "Patient Portal." The link below allows you to communicate in a secure manner directly with members of our health care team.

To use the Patient Portal, you must obtain a username and password. You must have a permanent email address that you check consistently. Please contact our office and we will assign you a username and a temporary password.

​Important Information regarding the Patient Portal: ​

Use is limited to non-emergency communication and requests. The Portal facilitates communication between appointments. However, the Portal does not replace your scheduled clinic appointments. It is not checked on the weekends. Please allow up to 72 hours to respond to communications and requests. We will not send any private health information to your e-mail (non-secure). We will send you an e-mail only when necessary, to request that you access the secure Patient Portal to review private healthcare information that we have posted on your Patient Portal.

If you have a true medical emergency, please go to the nearest ER or call 911.